Hangliding Location: Doherty Slide


48 miles E-SE of Lakeview, Sec. 12, T. 41S., R. 27E.; 42°01'29"N, 119°28'51"W at 6,000'; Verious launches at turnouts from Guano Valley floor at 5,200' on up to about 6,100'.


Yes, Ridge/Thermal, popular as great later afternoon glass-off site (to 11,000+' MSL until after sunset has occurred).


Drive N from Lakeview on U.S. Hwy 395 about 6 miles to U.S. 140, turn right (E) on 140 and go about 53 miles E. The site is on Guano Rim, about 10 miles W-NW of the Nevada border. As you go east, after a cold drink at the Adel Store, 140 swings S-SE, climbs up Greaser Canyon and Blizzard Gap, then heads E and drops down into Guano Valley. Cuano Rim is a high W facing basalk scap on the E side of Guano Valley. Highway 140 ascends steeply up a section of road known as Doherty Slide. There is a large pullout on the right at the top of Doherty. From the pullout, the BLM has constructed the gravel road access back to the W for 0.4 miles that ends at a small parking area. There is also a launch pad built right into the edge of the rim. If traffic is heavy, the parking area at the end of the road may not have enough room, so please ferry equipment down. Stay on the gravel surfaces with the vehicles. Additional over flow parking is available 400 yards E at a large gravel quarry above the rim.


Do Not Launch From The Highway Pullout, Please! The new site was developed in cooperation with the Oregon State Highways and BLM to provide a safe launch area that would not cause traffic safety problems. The new launch pad is out on a point with access to winds from the SW through NW. The old guide for launch points from the highway pullouts coming up the grade noted: "Assisted wire cliff launches, in turbulence, with an experienced wire crew are the norm, especially for the highest launch turnout before 140 goes over the top at the Langslet Mounument Rest Area. (This is the pullout mentioned in the the route directions above.)


Usual landing sone is at the base of the rim, on the N side of 140, W of the dirt Beatty's Butte Rd. N from 140. This area is almost devoid of sagebruch. A windsock is strongly recommmended. A good dirt road runs SE along the rim too.


Unregulated, USGHA H3 with Turn. and ACWL recommended. H2 in early or late light wind, although it's often too S early. The late afternoon smooth but strong glass-off can be very hard to get down from and it gets dark very fast in the uninhabited desert.


Adel Store on the way out to Doherty on Hwy 140 has several R.V. spages, plus has a restaurant and gas station. Plush is located to the North and also has a store and gas station.


Chris Price briefly held the world record for a flex wing on a Rogallo here in 1974 with a 13.5 mile flight N along the ridge! See "On My Way Down Wind," Nov., 1974. This is a good place for your Lilienthal Gold 6.2 mile out and return too. Nevada is easy.


A highway map will do nicely. The USGS 7.5-min. Antelope Butte, OR shows the beautiful contours. The similar Rocky Canyon is next N. The USGS Adel, OR, NK 11-4 1:250,000 (1/4"=1 mi.), 1970, is necessary for flights NE 51.1 miles to Frenchglen or further.

Other Nearby Sites

Black cap and Tague's Butte are the closest Lakeview sites.


This site is magic. One can fly Sugar Hill in the morning and Doherty in the evening. Prepare for a visual overload at sunset. Black Cap's new launches have reduced the afternoon flying here.


This information has been provided by Dave Baleria, USHGA #42283, and is used with his permission.

"It has been produced to assist currently certified USHGA hang gliding pilots with planning their flights while visiting Lake County, Oregon. The protocol listed for each site is advisory in nature only. It is always the responsibility of each pilot to use maturity and good judgment in deciding when or whether to fly at any given place or time. Accurate prediction of weather and flying conditions are different for each site and depends on a pilot's knowledge, skill, and ability. Please remember this is a high altitude, 'big air' area."