Hangliding Location: Hadley Butte


Starting at the Paisley Ranger District Office, go 1/2 mile north on Hwy 31 from Paisley, OR, and turn left at Mill Street. Mill Street turns into Forest Rd. 3315 after the "Y" junction. Stay to the right and stay on Rd. 3315 for another 6 miles. Turn right at the junction of Forest Rd. 3360 and go 3 miles to the marked sign at the entrance of the parking lot.

Recommended Season

May through October


Extreme winds; Make sure to bring your own drinking water.


Picnic table available at site. Make sure to leave the area clean: "Pack it in, Pack it out". Good photo opportunities and an excellent view of Summer Lake and landing sites.


Paisley Ranger District (541)943-3114 for more information.

This information based on brochure from Fremont National Forest and the Recreation Opportunity Guide.