Hangliding Location: Tague's Butte


Starting at the Lakeview Ranger District Office, take Hwy 395 3 miles north and turn right at Hwy 140. Travel east on Hwy 140 for 8 miles and then make a left turn on Forest Rd. 3615. Follow Rd. 3615 for 19 miles and then make a left turn onto Forest Road 032. Follow Rd. 032 for another 2 miles and you should see the sign for the launch site.

Recommended Season

This site is maintained between June 1 and October 15.


Reservations are not needed or taken for this site. Please pack out your grarbage, help keep our natural areas clean.


This site is located on Abert Rim. At 6,500' above sea level Abert Rim is the largest fault block escarpment in North America. Other opportunities for this area are birdwatching, good photographic opportunities, and wildlife viewing.

This information based on brochure from Fremont National Forest and the Recreation Opportunity Guide.